Monday, March 24, 2008

Podcast Peer Winners Announced

The next round of the Podcast Peers is over, and there were even a few ties to break this round! Here are the winners, but please head to the Winner's Page to see all of the finalists, and links to their websites:

*Best Couple Cast: Redboy Podcast featuring Absolute Amy
*Best Geek Podcast: GeekFit
*Best Eclectic Podcast: Podculture
*Best Fancast: Love Long and Prosper
*Best Audio Blog: Shelly's Podcast
*Old School (Shows that have been podcasting
for two years or longer): I Should be Writing
*Best Parenting Podcast: Mighty Mommy
*Best Newbee Podcast (Shows that are four months old or less): Transformed!
*Best Audio Drama: Buffy Between the Lines
*Best Tech Podcast: TWiT
*Exceptional Podcaster: Tabitha Grace Smith

Congrats to all the winners!